Dome Roundabout & Bushey Mill Lane Free Flowing Petition


Ian Stotesbury and Councillor Robbie Laird at the Dome Roundabout (left) and County Councillors Kareen Hastrick and Stephen Giles-Medhurst with Ian at Bushey Mill Lane (right).

At off-peak times traffic on Longspring is nearly always backed beyond Beechwood Rise and in Bushey Mill Lane nearly always as far back as Parkgate Road and always beyond the Sandringham Road junction - and this is a cause constant delays for residents and of much air pollution.

We call on Hertfordshire County Council to update the traffic lights by making them active only when needed by pedestrians and as a result making the dome roundabout a free flowing junction to ease traffic in the local area. We also call on the County Council to carry out a fundamental review covering The Dome and Longspring/Bushey Mill Lane to improve traffic flow and public safety.

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