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Thank you for taking the time to report an issue. The Watford Liberal Democrats will try our best to resolve whatever problem or issue you report. Please provide us with your contact details so we can get in touch.

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  • answered 2016-04-17 11:54:13 +0100
    Q: What category does the issue fit into?
    A: Antisocial Behaviour
  • followed this page 2016-04-12 20:43:16 +0100
  • answered 2016-04-12 20:41:57 +0100
    Q: Please give us more information about this issue.
    A: The McNicholas Building on the corner of the Greycaines Estate has a bright light above its car park which is on all night and shines directly into my bedroom. I have on 2 separate occasions asked them if they can adjust it so that it shines down on their car park and not directly into my bedroom but to date nothing has been done. Can you help resolve this.
  • answered 2016-04-07 12:39:46 +0100
    Q: Please give us more information about this issue.
    A: Walking into Watford this morning, I passed the Mercedes Benz garage. There are paths outside, one for pedestrians and one for cyclists. There were about six cars parked on the pedestrian path blocking the way. I asked a member of staff who was heading into the showroom if they had permission to do this. His response was that they had no choice because the forecourt was already full and there was no space. I told him that I would report this issue. Whilst there was plenty of room to use the cyclist pathway, that is not the point. Can they park their cars on the pedestrian pathway? Do they need permission to do this? I look forward to hearing from you. Many thanks
  • answered 2016-04-06 18:58:09 +0100
    Q: Please give us more information about this issue.
    A: Good evening
    There is a large appallingly finished bit of road work On St Albans road outside the Tesco Metro.
    A large Trench has been left in the road way leading across the pavement from work apparently carried out on junction boxes on the wall of Noor Hair stlye adjacent to Tesco express. I can provide pictures if you would like.
    Is this not the address where you recently reported planning permission was not granted for the change of premises to flats, I believe you reported this in one of your recent flyers.
    This road issue has been logged, not by myself on Herts Highways website and has an incident number of 201011858703 does not show any ongoing permits for work on this scar in the road and is there anything else that can be done.
    Many thanks
  • answered 2016-04-03 10:29:59 +0100
    Q: Please give us more information about this issue.
    A: Hi my name is andrew jacob from 5 sandringham road. Yesterday there was an illegal party at no. 11 sandringham road which went on all night. Noise pollution from the council came and confirmed it was illegal they called the police whom said they didnt have any resource to deal with the situation so everyone had to put up with the party all night. Can you help? Thanks andrew
  • answered 2016-04-01 10:05:02 +0100
    Q: Please give us more information about this issue.
    A: Hi, I wonder if you can help men. I live in 4 Walverns Close (right on the corner of Oxhey Road by Eastbury Road). The problem I have is the last street light on Oxhey Road, right by the Eastbury Road Junction, flickers on off all night. As I sleep in the bedroom right by the street light it’s driving me and my wife nuts!! I tried to contact the council but basically I received an automated response of no real information really. If you could help in any way we would be really thankful. The light in question is if you are walking up towards Eastbury Road along Oxhey Road, its the last streetlight on the right. Regards Owen Bidder
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