Petition against new doors at the Intu tunnel

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intu Watford have applied to erect four sets of doors (creating two lobbies) at either end of the Intu tunnel. (Planning application no. 15/00844/FUL.) During opening hours of the store pedestrians walking to the High Street will be required to push open and go through four sets of doors to get from one end of Queens Road to the High Street. At night the doors will be “locked” open although there will still be a lobby. intu have said they will upgrade the lighting to The Broadway subway and put up new signage but this does not form part of this planning application.


We, the undersigned, call upon Watford Borough Council to reject plans by intu to erect two sets of “lobby “ doors either side of its development that will restrict public access along the public highway of Queens Road. We have no objection to intu improving the walkway area between the two parts of its shopping Mall with lighting, additional signage, new flooring and CCTV but believe the doors will create an unnecessary barrier to the free flow and right of pedestrians.

We expect that this will have an unduly negative effect on traders in The Broadway where local residents, Councillors and traders have achieved improvements to this shopping area. Placing two sets of “lobby“ doors will restrict the freedom to have a clear, uncluttered and unbroken thoroughfare across the intu intersection that has existed since it was built being part of the original planning permission. These lobbies, with a barrier of four doors, will discourage those visiting intu and walking from the High Street from visiting The Broadway. This is a public highway and Herts County Council should NOT grant any license for such a structure which could also lead to an increase in anti-social activity, especially in the lobby areas.

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