BREAKING NEWS: Conservatives back bus cuts

We are shocked by the news that the Tories have announced plans for even deeper bus cuts than were initially announced, now totaling £1.5m. Our fight against them will continue with the support of local people - over 4000 signed our petition. This is not over yet, sign the petition here.


South Oxhey Barclays to Close?

We have upsetting news that there are plans to close the branch of Barclays Bank at 51 Prestwick Road in South Oxhey on the 23rd January 2015.

This is a popular branch, and the only bank in the South Oxhey area, therefore we are keen to understand Barclays reasons for deciding it should close.  It would be approximately a 2 mile journey for residents wishing to use the next nearest branch, which of course is not easy for those who are vulnerable or elderly. 

We recognise that banks are reducing their numbers of high street branches as more and more people move to online banking, however it is the choice of this specific branch that we are concerned about, it's always busy every time one of our team go in and singly serves an entire area.


Tories Cut Transport for Young People in Herts

The Conservative run County Council has decided to cut £500,000 per annum in the funding of vital public transport for young people, including those with special educational needs. 

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Dorothy Fights for Junction 'Red Zone'

Yesterday Mayor Dorothy Thornhill and Cllr Stephen Giles-Medhurst today met with the Managing Director of London Midland to nail a solution for all those residents who night after night are stuck waiting anywhere up to 40 minutes to try and exit from Watford Junction station.

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Queens’ School Benefits from Pupil Premium

We are happy to announce that Queens’ School has received £178,213 this year through the Pupil Premium, a flag ship Lib Dem education policy.


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