Back Crucial Amendment to fight for a Better Brexit

Watford had the closest result in the country in the Brexit referendum. I believe Watford's MP needs to reflect that and seek a moderated Brexit. 

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Expert backing for Lib Dems

Find out what the experts think of the Lib Dem manifesto.

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Our plan to reverse the cuts to Watford's schools

Ensuring access to an excellent local school is fundamental to the Lib Dem vision for Watford. That's why today the Lib Dems have announced we will invest £5 million to protect school funding in our town.


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Our plan to save Watford General and our NHS

Watford General Hospital and our NHS are at breaking point and the Conservative government is simply not investing enough. Only the Liberal Democrats have a plan to save our NHS, with 1 penny on income tax rates to raise an additional £6 billion for health and social care.

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Lib Dems soar to success


Watford Liberal Democrats have soared to victory over Labour and the Conservatives in the County Council elections across the constituency, increasing our share of Watford's vote to a whopping 43%. Labour saw their majorities slashed in West and North Watford and the national Conservative surge made little headway here. We also saw two fantastic victories in Borough by-elections.

Watford Lib Dems are now looking toward the 8th of June as we campaign to get Ian Stotesbury elected as Watford next MP and change Britain's future. With Labour fading all over Watford, it's clear that this will be a 2-way battle between the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats. 


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