"No obvious legal basis for intu doors" say County Council

key_intupetition_central_team.jpgCounty Councils Highways Panel on Tuesday considered a 1612 signature strong petition opposing the erection of doors across  Queens Road as proposed by intu two months ago.

Although intu have since withdrawn their planning application, they are still thought likely to be putting in plans for some form of doors either end of the into complex where it covers Queens Road.


Helen Lynch, Chair of the Queens Community Group and a former Lib Dem Councillor for the area, formally presented the petition and argued that the doers were  not needed and were clear obstruction on the highway.

Liberal Democrat County Councillor Stephen Giles-Medhurst, who represents the area and has been leading the campaign against the doors, give a detailed background to the plan, making it clear this is the original Queens Road public highway and residents were promised it would remain clear, uncluttered and unbroken thoroughfare. The erection of doors would also hinder, he claimed, the local police were would be an obstructing. He pointed out at the recent break in at Swagg, Police cars were able to drive to the Swag store but with doors they would not.
"Residents, traders and councillors  do not want these doors and they are not needed to improve intu's shopping environment in my view. We want them to re think the whole idea, and unlike the first planning application consult us first before suggesting anything." said Cllr Giles-Medhurst.
In the report to the Panel the county lawyers made it clear that there was not a obvious legal basis such doors could be allowed and that it would be up to intu to find a legal, as opposed to commercial reason, that they could be allowed on the highway.
It was agreed that if any plans for  any structure on the highway was made that the officers would not respond to this until after they had consulted the local county councillor, Stephen Giles-Medhurst and any agreed county view with the Executive Member
for Highways, Terry Douris.
Helen Lynch  said  " Our views and the strength of the petition has clearly made county officers think again on this and I hope and expect intu to do just the same."

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