An interesting letter in the Watford Observer

Richard Harrington not a Watford man - an interesting letter in the Watford Observer Friday 24 April 2015

Is it too much to ask for a little truth from our sitting MP? I have been puzzled by his claims in his leaflets that he moved to Watford in 1979, with no mention that he moved away almost immediately.

Just last year, the Daily Mail quoted Mr Harrington as a "shareholder in a property development company" campaigning against mansion taxes. He was complaining about having to pay the tax on his "£3.5 million house in Hampstead".

Mr Harrington is not a Watford man. He has only lived here for a couple of years over the last half century. He and his family don't use the same hospital or the same schools as local people.

It's not about his address. It's about honesty.

If he's misleading people about such a simple thing, how can we trust him on anything else?

Nascot Wood Resident, Watford

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