Callowland 2022


Name: Ian Stotesbury

Contact details: [email protected] | 07999938202


Relevant experience: 

I’ve been a councillor for the last four years and have been able to work closely with residents, business and local schools and charities. I’m an engineer and really focussed on tackling the things that limit our town – lack of infrastructure causing traffic, poorly insulated housing hurting our bills and our climate.


Why are you a Lib Dem?

Opportunity for all and sustainability for the planet. We all deserve excellent access to education, healthcare, parks and public transport so we can all achieve our potential and live in a fairer society. I’m committed to making our town more sustainable and tackling congestion, fly tipping and providing quality access to nature crucial.


Why do you want to continue being a councillor?

It’s been an immense privilege to serve as a councillor for Callowland since 2018 and I want to continue the work we’ve started as an area. Completing the regeneration of St Ablans Road, tidying alleyways and building up the brilliant community groups and charities in the area.


What do you enjoy about living in Watford?

Callowland has an amazing local high street, brilliant parks and hugely varied people. We have a great sense of community and rise to tackle issues together.


What do you do in your spare time?

Walking the dog with my family, board games with my friends or stargazing when the weather is clear!


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