Candidate name: Joe Inniss

Contact information: [email protected] |


Relevant experience:

Joe is an active member of our community. He volunteers with local charities and organisations. He is particularly passionate about supporting those which celebrate the great diversity of Watford due to his Carribean descent.

With a background in civil engineering, specialising in transport for many world leading organisations, Joe will bring a wealth of experience to help make Watford even more connected.

Joe is a keen kickboxer, and enjoys training with a local club. A passionate cook, he’s co-authored 2 cookbooks and enjoys sharing recipes with his neighbours.


The Lib Dem values that mean the most to Joe are...

The values of liberty, equality and community. He believes in balance – and that the Lib Dem core values represent balance between the benefits of capitalism, but with accountability through democratic representation of the people.

As a Lib Dem he believes that there is a role for the state in regulating and moderating markets to ensure we get social outcomes that an otherwise unconstrained market wouldn’t naturally deliver.

Specifically on liberty, he believes that people should be free to do what they want as long as they aren’t negatively impacting others. Likewise, the role of the state should be the minimum possible that delivers on the social outcomes as above.

On equality, he believes while we are all different we all have equal value as human beings, and we should all be given fair opportunity to be successful in life. No one should beheld back due to issues outside of their ability to change (like poverty, gender or race).

Lastly, he believes in community because humans are better when we work together. Generally people who are closer to the outcomes of decisions make better decisions, so he believes in devolution and generally prefers decision making to be local where possible. He does acknowledge that some issues (climate emergency, transport, national health specialist services etc.) require national level coordination. Again, the most important driver with all these things should be balance.


Joe enjoys living in North Watford because...

North Watford is well connected to the M25 and Watford Junction, but is also within walking distance of the country side. The people are wonderful, and he loves being part of the local community. One of his favourite things about Watford is the great open spaces and parks.


For a bit of fun, when asked about his favourite food Joe said...

Well, I’m a massive foodie. My long time favourite dish is from my own cookbook: Grand master flash fried steak with a furious five bean salad.




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