Councillors hail crossing success

key_April14__new_crossing.jpgYears of campaigning pressure and persuasion finally paid off with Herts County Council now completing the much waited for pedestrian crossing in Water Lane, Central Watford. The new crossing now safely links Waterfields Rec with the Colne Retail Park and Tesco.


Liberal Democrat campaigners lead by the County Councillor for the area, Stephen Giles-Medhurst, had been pressing for a safe crossing here for over 4 years. The County Council at first told Stephen that not enough people would use it to justify it.

However the County Council was pressed to do traffic and pedestrian surveys and agreed it was needed. The County Councillor then suggested how it could be funded from the County's transport budget and it has finally been installed.

Now residents have a new safe dual use crossing for cyclists as well as pedestrians and its helps slow the traffic down!

"When others would have given up we kept on campaigning and it's paid off at last with a safe crossing point for residents." said Stephen Giles-Medhurst.

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