Councillors Launch A405 Road Safety Campaign

Liberal Democrat Councillors in Woodside and Stanborough have launched a campaign to improve road safety on a busy stretch of dual carriageway which has seen an increasing number of collisions.


Councillors Tim Williams and Steve Cavinder at the A405.

The stretch of A405 between Woodside Leisure Park and St Albans Road has a 40mph limit, but Cllrs Steve Cavinder (Woodside) and Tim Williams (Stanborough) say this is often ignored, putting both drivers and pedestrians at risk.

The Councillors have launched a campaign calling on the Highway Authority, Herts County Council, to take improvements to the road between the Leavesden Green Interchange and St Albans Road, including a safe pedestrian crossing point at Woodside Leisure Park, speed enforcement, and improvements to the junction with Greenwood Drive.

Cllr Steve Cavinder (Lib Dem, Woodside Ward, Watford Borough Council) said, "There have been several accidents on this busy stretch of the A405 and many more near misses.  Being so close to the leisure park and local schools, it's vital that we do all we can to protect pedestrians." Cllr Tim Williams  (Lib Dem, Stanborough Ward, Watford Borough Council) said, "Speeding is a real problem on this stretch, there are 50mph and 40mph limits  on this road but they are widely ignored which is putting motorists and pedestrian at risk every single day.  Junctions like Greenwood Drive are a particular concern. We need to see real improvements and enforcement to stop more serious accidents occurring."

You can sign the petition online at

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