Residents and councillors call for action over Courtlands Drive

Residents and Councillors in Nascot are demanding action for safety measures at the dangerous Courtlands Drive/Hempstead Road junction. We are backing their campaign. 


When we spoke to Nascot Liberal Democrat Councillor Jeanette Aron, she said "This is by far the most controversial junction in Nascot, if not Watford. Additional traffic from the new developments is making a bad situation worse. Enough is enough. We want something done."

Mark Watkin, the Liberal Democrat County Councillor for the area, also told us, "I have pressed county officers to at least investigate what can be done to improve this junction- maybe lights, a left turn lane or a mini roundabout but this has fallen on deaf ears.

“We demand a solution to the excessive queues. Residents risk their lives crossing this junction during busy times and drivers are also taking a risk when they try to exit right from Courtlands Drive or turn right from Hempstead Road.”

We back Jeanette and Marks campaign, if you do as well, sign our petition here.

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  • Roger Whitaker
    commented 2014-12-20 15:29:04 +0000
    I have been reporting this problem for many years without any action being taken. e.g.The highway fault you reported on has been investigated and processed as stated below.
    Reference Number: 1642273
    Subject: Congest/Speed/Parking/Noise
    Description: Extremely dangerous right turn from Courtlands Drive onto the Hempstead Road. For many years, traffic lights have been requested here. However, a simple painted mini roundabout would suffice, to give an indication of priority to traffic.The current “Keep Clear” paint on the road cannot be seen at 30mph by approaching Hempstead Road traffic. At the moment many car drivers are rightly too afraid to turn right, and turn left instead, and then reverse in a side street to then head back out of Watford.
    Reported: 16/07/2011 10:34:55
    Street: Hempstead Road
    Town: Watford Borough
    Status: Information Provided


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