Deputy Mayor Cllr Peter Taylor backs free school meals

Liberal Democrat Mayoral Candidate Cllr Peter Taylor has called for children to remain receiving free school means so that they can “achieve their potential”.

Families on Universal Credit - a single monthly payment for people out of work or on low income – can currently claim a free lunch.

However, last week the House of Commons voted to reduce eligibility for children in Year Three and above if their parents earn more than £7,400 from April 1.

Cllr Peter Taylor, who is also the Liberal Democrat Candidate in the mayoral elections, believes this will “penalise” hardworking parents.

Peter said, 'As a former teacher, and a parent to three young children, I am particularly proud of the work that Liberal Democrats did in the coalition to introduce free school meals for infants. All the evidence suggests that children learn better if they have a healthy lunch.

"We must make sure that work always pays. Cutting free school meals once a parents is earning over a certain threshold will penalise parents who are working hard to provide for their children.

“That's why I back the Liberal Democrat policy of providing free school meals to all children in primary education. That way, no child will miss out on a healthy lunch. I want every child to achieve their potential. There is no doubt that providing free lunches for all primary school children would help with this.'

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