Dome Roundabout to be reviewed

Councillor Derek Scudder presented the Liberal Democrats petition signed by over 600 residents calling for the lights to be switched off or at least reviewed.

As a result of Liberal Democrat pressure a report was made to the county’s Highways Panel, with County Hall admitting in a report the signals had caused “significant queueing".

While upgrade works were completed, the lights were switched off and motorists said travelling through roundabout was much smoother.  

Councillor Derek Scudder told the Highways and Waste Management Panel said: “There was on-demand lights provided for pedestrians and cyclists to cross the road safely and the rest of the lights were switched off.  “As a result, there was a huge reduction in the queues in the area around the roundabout. There was a big reduction in congestion on the roads leading off the roundabout.”

“What we are asking for is officers to look very seriously at redesigning the roundabout and use section 106 money [developer contributions] to re-design the roundabout so we can have the lights off but lights there to protect pedestrians and cyclists”.

New technology is being introduced in the lights, including CCTV with council chiefs hoping it will help ease congestion and they will analyse traffic-flow for six months. Council chiefs will then spend six months analysing traffic data before making any final decision.

Officers will now monitor traffic flow and the signal timings, discuss with local councillors and reconsider the lights in the autumn with “before and after results”.

Depending on the results of this report, the advantages and disadvantages of a major re-design of the roundabout will then be assessed and this would include a cost and benefit analysis. 

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