Dorothy's campaign films a big success

Dorothy Thornhill's campaign films have proved a hit with over 10,000 viewing them so far.

Dorothy said: "I wanted to give local people some idea of who they will be voting for on 7th May. In years gone by more people would have gone to hustings, or been more likely to be in when canvassers called. I don't see how you can ask people to vote for candidates they don't really know.

 "Standing for election in my home town of nearly forty years means that I've already met many thousands of people - especially in my 25 year teaching career and my last 10 years as mayor. But there are still lots of people I haven't had a chance to meet yet, so the first film was to introduce myself and let people understand my values and where I'm coming from.

 "In the second film we wanted to show what people who weren't politicians or media pundits were saying about their priorities and what they wanted from their MP. At the end of the day, politics is about people.

Not policy nerds or campaigners, but normal people getting on with their lives who nevertheless care about where they live, the public services they use, and their family's future."

 Local filmmakers 'Think About It Films' developed the films with Dorothy.

 Ian Port, of 'Think About It Films' and a local resident in Abbots Langley, said: "We were really excited to work on the project. We wanted to engage people who were turned off by the way parties traditionally campaign - and perhaps thought that they 'didn't do politics', (a bit like us, really!). Like all our films, we hope these two shorts will inspire people to think a little more about important issues that affect everyone".

Dorothy's campaign launch film can be seen at:

"3 reasons to VOTE DOROTHY for your MP" can be seen at:

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