EU elections could be a turning point

Thank-you so much for your support if you voted Liberal Democrat in the recent sets of elections. The Liberal message is fighting back and I believe it's winning.

Nationally the Liberal Democrats secured our largest ever group of MEPs and our best share of the vote in a decade. Here in Watford we pulled off something even more incredible - one of the largest swings from a Leave bough towards Remain in the whole country, and in Three Rivers secured a very strong second place. This is on the back of an incredibly successful local election result across the constituency - the Liberal Democrats are stronger than ever and raring to go.

"There is no mandate for the ‘No Deal’ Brexit that Farage and extreme Tories are seeking.
And there is no mandate for not leading on issues this important."

In 2017 I stood for Parliament and proudly argued for more public scrutiny of the Brexit mess via a people's vote. More Democracy is not less and the writing was already on the wall in 2017 - Brexit, as promised, is un-deliverable and must be challenged and held accountable. That's borne out in the divided messages from both the Conservatives and the Labour party, over 40 ministerial resignations/sackings in the last few years and the Brexit issue bringing down two Prime Ministers.

I believe Parliamentarians should lead, should be clear and should listen. I've retained my open mind and want to see much needed improvements in transparency within the European Union but nothing has changed my mind on our membership of it.

I believe our problems are with our own system, our own Westminster, and that we need to elect Liberals to sort it out. The EU is a force for combating climate change, tax evasion and benefits the British voice, British trade and Britain's freedoms.

We're ready for whatever comes next, a People's Vote or a General election - join us and help us win keep winning Watford.


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