Ian Stotesbury


I moved to Watford four years ago, when my wife Clare started work as a junior doctor at Watford General Hospital. We loved it so much we bought our first home in North Watford. This is such a vibrant community, just a short trip to London, but close to attractive villages and open countryside. 

I work as an engineer in the space industry. After studying astrophysics, I gained a Masters’s Degree in engineering and I now design, build and fly spacecraft. I’m passionate about bringing science and engineering to inform decision-making and tackle climate change.

Local Record

Wanting to stand up for local people I put myself forward as a council candidate and was elected for Callowland ward. Politics isn’t just about elections. I’m proud to have been involved in many campaigns from trying improve local buses and trains, fighting for Watford & Bushey Stations re-zoning, for more police on our streets to more school places. I’ve helped secure a £400,000 improvement plan for St Albans Road, funding for restoring one of our war memorials and have led the recently established sustainability forum for Watford Borough council. I moved the council motion to declare a climate emergency. I set up the online petition against the junction 20 MOTO scheme and work hard across the constituency.

Campaigning against Brexit

I am frustrated with Brexit negotiations and the damage this is having to our country. I helped to lead the campaign in 2016 to stay in the EU and proudly campaigned for Remain in the 2017 General Election. I have no doubt we are better off in and reforming the EU!

Real World Experience

A real career and a caring vision

I have worked as an engineer on international projects and for the last few years served as a councillor. I have the positive attitude and real-world skills to improve our communities. I have a passion for public service.

As your MP my first priorities will include:

  • Campaigning openly and honestly, working to restore trust in >politics and keep you informed with regular newsletters,emails & via social media of how I am working for you in Parliament and outside.
  • Doing everything I can to stop Brexit and reform the EU so it works better for us.
  • Working alongside other MPs, I will work to tackle the crisis in our public services, and increase investment in the police, schools and the NHS.
  • Seeking investment in new garden towns to provide the housing we desperately need and ease the pressure on our local communities.
  • Reforming our broken politics, including bringing in fair voting to make sure everyone’s voice is heard and no one is taken for granted.
  • Taking steps to tackle the climate emergency NOW. Parliament must step up and give local communities the powers to make a difference.

Hobbies and Interests

Between my work as an engineer and serving on Watford Borough Council I don’t have much free time. Clare and I like to travel when we can, hike and explore, and more often it’ll be a trip to the cinema or the local pub with friends and family. I am a keen gardener and am trying to grow more of our own food.


You can contact Ian by email: [email protected] 

You can also follow Ian on Twitter (@ianstotesbury) or on Facebook (/ianstotesburyLD/