Ian Stotesbury For Watford

Ian is best for Britain's recommendation for Watford

The best choice as our next MP

Unlike his Conservative and Labour opponents, Ian has only ever stood for election in Watford. If elected as our MP, he would be a powerful voice for local people in Westminster - putting our area first.


Ian will fight for us.

To stop Brexit and to secure jobs, investment, a better NHS and improved public services.


Ian lives in the Watford constituency.

Ian lives here, unlike the Conservative and Labour candidates. He will put our area first.


Ian is campaigning to tackle the climate emergency.

With a background in science and engineering, he knows how important this is for everyone's future.

A strong voice for our community

Ian Stotesbury has a strong track record as a dedicated local campaigner for our area, speaking up for residents in the Watford consituency. His wife Clare is a NHS doctor - they live here!


A Local Campaigner

Ian has led the campaign for rezoning of Watford stations to get a fair deal for local passengers and end the anomaly that means other stations further from London are in cheaper zones.


A Local Councillor

As a local councillor, he has championed action to take climate change seriously - including Watford Council's aim to be carbon neutral by 2030.


A Local Champion

He is fighting for proper infrastructure, including health services, new schools and better public transport to make sure new development is sustainable.


Ian is a space engineer and borough councillor who lives in North Watford.

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