Join us and work for tolerance in Britain

The Liberal Democrats stand, above all else, for tolerance and cooperation. We feel the EU Referendum result is a tragic set back for British people, British business and Liberal ideals throughout Europe and indeed the world. But we need to look to the future - we are more determined than ever to proudly speak up for our values and ask that you join us.


Watford Liberal Democrats need your help:

In Watford we see that the referendum result was one of the closest in the country. Despite our hard campaigning the Leave vote beat the Remain vote by 252. A slim but significant margin. It's clear we need to do more in our local communities to foster a better and more tolerant society. Part of the Leave vote was disillusionment with government, part of it was concerns over immigration and parts of it came down to misinformation from the Leave campaign itself. 

Join us in Watford and help us stand up for the tolerant centre politics that Britain and Watford sorely needs.

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