Candidate name: Shafiq Ahmed

Contact information: [email protected] | 07974387959


Relevant experience:

Throughout the years Shafiq has worked in the community and helped campaign for a number of different changes and causes. He is the founder and trustee of the registered UK charity LOC Foundation. His previous work endeavours and interests are a great contributing factor in helping all groups of people.

He is multilingual and speaks Urdu, Pathwari, Hindi and Punjabi. He is also the elected Chairman of the local Hackney Carriage Taxi Drivers Association for the previous 13 years. The position has given him plenty of experience discussing and persuading councillors and officers in the council to improve and prioritise drivers working conditions and environment. Over the last two years, he has also been Chairman of Watford Medina Funeral and Burial Association. This has given him plenty of exposure in how funerals and burials are conducted in Watford and an in depth look how the local cemetery procedures are operated.


The Lib Dem values that mean the most to Shafiq are...

The Lib Dems are extremely successful in providing opportunities for everyone irrespective of background. Council tax has been kept to a minimum showing that they are a party that values and cares about local people. He believes in delivering a caring, competent and green council under the leadership and the hardworking, young, dynamic Mayor Peter Taylor.


Shafiq enjoys living in Watford because...

Watford is a cosmopolitan town and has improved drastically over the years. It is safe and has all the necessary facilities available. It has good schools, shopping centres, parks, Watford Football Club and the world famous Harry Potter studios nearby. Watford is the home of many diverse cultural backgrounds and a safe place to raise your families.


For a bit of fun, when asked about his favourite food Shafiq said...

Chicken biryani with raita, but my guilty pleasure is BBQ wings with garlic salted chips!


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