Email From Dorothy: Lib Dems oppose bus cuts

Email sent by Dorothy Thornhill on the 10th of February:

As you all know, my local Lib Dem colleagues and I have been campaigning against the bus cuts proposed by the Conservative run County Council for months. Firstly with their original consultation (where they planned to stop bus services at 6.30pm) and now their latest consultation (which stops bus services at 7.30pm and cuts 39 routes
totally). This especially affects the no 8 and 10 routes in Watford. 

Unfortunately, tonight the Watford Observer has posted a headline that gives a very misleading impression of my views - in particular implying that agreeing with a consultation on the proposals (and therefore a chance to get them changed) is the same as approving of the proposals themselves. In this case nothing could be further from the truth - our strong opposition to the proposals has been clear all along.

We have asked the Observer to remove both the offending and misleading headline, but sadly, being quoted out of context is an occupational hazard in my job!

Dorothy Thornhill

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