Lib Dems soar to success


Watford Liberal Democrats have soared to victory over Labour and the Conservatives in the County Council elections across the constituency, increasing our share of Watford's vote to a whopping 43%. Labour saw their majorities slashed in West and North Watford and the national Conservative surge made little headway here. We also saw two fantastic victories in Borough by-elections.

Watford Lib Dems are now looking toward the 8th of June as we campaign to get Ian Stotesbury elected as Watford next MP and change Britain's future. With Labour fading all over Watford, it's clear that this will be a 2-way battle between the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats. 


Full Results:

  • Central & Oxhey Division: Stephen Giles-Medhurt won a staggering 52% of the vote with a 4% swing
  • Meriden & Tudor Division: Kareen Hastrick not only beat off a UKIP-to-Conservative surge but increased her majority by 11%!
  • Stanborough & Woodside: Tim Williams successfully replaced long-standing Councillor Derek Scudder with a further 4% swing
  • West Watford: Paul Arnett came a storming 2nd place with a result that was up 6% on last year, worrying Labour hugely.
  • North Watford: Ian Stotesbury came astonishingly close slashing Labour's 14% majority of to just 145 votes!
  • Nascot & Park: Mark Watkin increased his lead by a staggering 11%, with 53% of the vote in this division this time around, seeing off a strong challenge from the Conservatives who only managed just over 200 more votes than last time despite their national surge..
  • Abbots Langley: Sara Bedford powered ahead to get a breath-taking 57% of the vote, seeing off a challenge from the Conservatives who hoovered up much of the UKIP vote.


  • Oxhey Ward: Maggie Parker won her first ever election to become a councillor in Oxhey
  • Park Ward: Peter Jeffree comfortably beat the Conservatives
  • Leggatts: Ian Stotesbury wiped out most of Labour's majority, coming a very close 2nd.

Click here to see full results for Watford Borough and here to see results for Three Rivers.


Central Oxhey

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