Liberal Democrats double vote share in Watford as Hertfordshire gains its first Lib Dem MP

 The Liberal Democrats have doubled their first share in Watford at the same time as Hertfordshire gained its first ever Liberal Democrat MP.

The Liberal Democrats increased their vote share in Watford by 7%, with both the Conservative’s and Labour losing vote share to the party. In next door St Albans, Daisy Cooper gained the seat from the Conservatives, winning by a majority of over 6000 votes and increasing her vote share by 17%.

This is the first time St Albans has elected a Liberal MP since 1905.

Cllr Ian Stotesbury, Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate for Watford in the 2019 General Election said, ‘I’d like to thank everyone who put their faith in the Liberal Democrats in Watford this campaign. We ran a big campaign, doubled our vote share and showed that we are real presence in the area again. I’m delighted that next door we were able to get the brilliant Daisy Cooper elected with such a big majority. I look forward to working with her to make Hertfordshire a more liberal, internationalist and tolerant place.’

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