Candidate name: Pete Hannon

Contact information: [email protected]


Relevant experience:

Pete has lived in Watford for the past 5 years and grew up just down the road in Harrow. He has always wanted to help people and make a difference locally. His first full-time job was supporting a Lib Dem MP in North London fixing housing, parking and other problems for local people. More recently he has worked in sport and knows the difference that great facilities and sporting clubs make to a local area, especially for young people.


The Lib Dem values that mean the most to Pete are...

Building a fairer and more open society. Here in Watford, the local Council can make a real difference to the quality of people’s lives, whether it is campaigning for better housing, looking after our parks and green spaces or making sure that people can easily get around town.


Pete enjoys living in Watford because...

Watford has so much to offer.  Whether it is the fantastic parks and green spaces or the great places to go out. Most of all, he loves the spirit in the town, and that we’re so close to London but we’ve always maintained our own sense of identity.


For a bit of fun, when asked about his favourite food Pete said...

Pretty much anything from Flourish Bakery in North Watford. Their new pizzas are amazing.


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