MOTION PASSED: Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill

Watford Council pledges support for Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill

At Watford Borough Council’s Full Council meeting this week Councillors have unanimously voted to support the Climate and Ecological (CEE) Bill currently going through the UK Parliament. The Bill is a Private Members’ Bill written by scientists, lawyers and activists with support from a range of campaign groups, businesses, charities and individuals. If passed the Bill would become the most significant step forward since the Climate Change Act 2008.

The motion called for the council to, among other things, declare an ‘Ecological Emergency’ alongside the Climate Emergency it has already declared and lobby the Watford MP to support the CEE Bill.


Tim Williams, Portfolio Holder for Client Services and Councillor for Stanborough Ward, said “I am really proud to support the CEE Bill that is currently going through Parliament. This is a really important step for the UK to ensure it plays its part in stopping the climate and ecological emergencies. In Watford we have been working really hard to ensure our projects protect biodiversity and restore a variety of natural habitats for wildlife to enjoy in our borough.”


Ian Stotesbury, Councillor for Callowland Ward, said “It is really vital that the government get behind this Bill and accepts its responsibility for protecting our planet by not just addressing the climate emergency but the ecological emergency too.

“I have proudly led Watford’s public Sustainability Forum for over a year now and have been amazed by the expertise and knowledge of so many within our community. The Government should harness the wisdom of the many in our country who are at the forefront of thinking on this issue and use it to lead the way on the climate and ecological emergency.”


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