Nascot 2022

Name: Tom Osborn

Contact information: 


Relevant experience:

Since being elected in Nascot in 2021, I have:

  • Worked with our residents associations to make sure local issues and concerns are resolved as quickly as possible
  • Arranged for the removal of numerous fly-tips and rubbish dumps by our waste contractors
  • Asked Herts County Council to resurface numerous hazardous potholes and trip hazards on roads and pavements
  • Cut dangerous driving on residential streets by putting a stop to thoughtless parking and converting another of our roads to 20mph
  • Successfully opposed infill development, including on Nascot Street
  • Used our locality budget to restore heritage signs in Nascot, and plant as many trees as possible
  • Pushed for investment in lights and CCTV to improve public safety in Nascot subways
  • Served on the council’s Overview and Scrutiny Committee to ensure top notch delivery of council services to residents
  • Served on the Sustainable Transport task force, to help advise on the provision of infrastructure for non-car journeys, including more e-vehicle chargers for Nascot.

During the pandemic, I signed up as a vaccine volunteer with Communities 1st to help with the coronavirus jab rollout. I am also a Friend of Cassiobury Park, helping to preserve and give something back to the open space I love so much, which was such a tonic during lockdown.

Through my work as a journalist, I have formed a corporate volunteer programme in partnership with a school to hear primary-age children read. A love of reading has helped shape my life, given me a career and countless hours of pleasure.


Why are you a Lib Dem?

Tolerance of others’ beliefs, ideals and shared humanness is very important to me. The freedom to say what we think, a safe space in which to say it and respecting one’s right to do so is something the Lib Dems have always stood for, and it feels like a freedom that’s increasingly under threat. So much ill comes of stoking division and intolerance, rather than celebrating the things that bind us – we’re stronger together.


Why do you want to continue being a councillor?

I want to:

  • Put pressure on HCC and securing funding wherever possible to fix our roads – a full resurfacing from this allocation is planned for Nascot Street in the this year
  • Work with the police and Watford’s Community Safety Partnership to ensure residents feel safe and that reported crimes are followed up on as soon as possible
  • Improve the ability of residents to report faults and see progress updates once they’ve taken the time to do so
  • Ensure our tenants in community housing and their property are well looked after
  • Cut more dangerous driving by ending rat-run traffic, installing more speed information displays and continuing to monitor parking restrictions
  • Plant more trees and keep our fantastic green spaces looking their best.


What do you enjoy about living in Watford?

Nascot feels like a slice of countryside right on the town’s doorstep. I walks my dog every day through the tree-lined roads and avenues, absorbing the history and enjoying the green space. It's a privilege, and a responsibility for us to preserve it.


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