There are two vacancies in Nascot Ward for election on 6th May 2021. Please see below our 2 candidates Tom Osborn and Mark Watkin.



Candidate name: Tom Osborn

Contact information: [email protected] | 07590 689 039


Relevant experience:

Through his work as a journalist, Tom has formed a corporate volunteer programme in partnership with a school to hear primary-age children read. A love of reading has helped shape his life, given him a career and countless hours of pleasure. Volunteers from the local community were good enough to give up their time to hear him read when he was at school, so he wanted to return the favour.

Tom has also recently signed up as a vaccine volunteer with Communities 1st to help with the coronavirus jab rollout. He is also a Friend of Cassiobury Park, helping to preserve and give something back to the open space he loves so much, which has been such a tonic during lockdown.


The Lib Dem values that mean the most to Tom are...

Tolerance of others’ beliefs, ideals and shared humanness is very important. The freedom to say what we think, a safe space in which to say it and respecting one’s right to do so is something the Lib Dems have always stood for, and it feels like a freedom that’s increasingly under threat. So much ill comes of stoking division and intolerance, rather than celebrating the things that bind us – we’re stronger together.


Tom enjoys living in Watford because...

Moving from central London, Nascot feels like a slice of countryside right on the city’s doorstep. Tom walks his dog every day through the tree-lined roads and avenues, absorbing the history and enjoying the green space. It's a privilege, and a responsibility for us to preserve it.


For a bit of fun, when asked about his favourite food Tom said...

Better go for something yellow to stay on brand... golden roast potatoes atop a family Sunday lunch are hard to beat.



Candidate name: Mark Watkin

Contact information: [email protected] | 07808 160704


Relevant experience:

Mark has been serving the residents of Nascot Ward for 15 years since 2006. Over the intervening periods, Nascot like so much of Watford has changed substantially experiencing significant development changes such as the development of Willow Grange, using the buildings previously occupied by British Waterways and Nascot Grange on the Cassio College site.

He has worked closely with the four principal resident associations who serve the community so well in the introduction of 20mph areas, fighting bad development, achieving the improvement of the local parks including both Goodwood Rec and Orchard Park, fighting the growing impact of anti-social behaviour, through the introduction of appropriate parking schemes managing the inevitable tension between parents and residents and rolling up his sleeves at the amazing Courtlands Fun Day.  

In the wider world of Watford he is a governor of the amazing Chessbrook Education Support Centre which transforms the lives of so many of its pupils and is a member of the Church Council at St. Michael and All Angels in Mildred Avenue. Recognising the needs of so many people struggling during the current pandemic, he has joined the band of volunteers of the One Vision charity delivering bags of food and superb vegetarian meals to those in greatest need, a sad indictment of the inequalities of our society. There is little value in working for your community if you fail to communicate with them and listen to what they have to say which is why he and his Lib Dem colleagues produce their regular e-newsletters, Focus leaflets and street letters and welcome the case work that they receive.


The Lib Dem values that mean the most to Mark are...

Mark joined the Liberals because, out of all the major parties, it focused on meeting the needs and the views of the communities it serves. This has never changed. Since then the Liberal Democrats have become the most outward looking of all the parties and has the most progressive approach to the green issues challenging our future.


Mark enjoys living in Nascot because...

Nascot has the most varied mix of communities of any Ward in the Borough. They range from the Edwardian terraced streets of the conservation area at one end, through to the central areas of flatted developments. Culturally it has one of the most diverse communities. It is also served by some of the best Primary Schools in the County and by two superb pubs!


For a bit of fun, when asked about his favourite food Mark said...

Roast leg of lamb with all the trimmings! Rarely enjoyed as I am married to a vegetarian.


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