New green space in town centre

Following joint working between Councillors, Beechen Grove Baptist Church and Watford Council new areas of soft landscaping  and planting have been created in Watford town centre off Estcourt Road. key_Estcourt_green_space_2.jpg

The original idea  came from local resident Joe Kent of Estcourt Road who approached his local, councillors Cllr Rabi Martins and County Councillor Stephen Giles-Medhurst. The parking area at the rear of the Church in Estcourt Road was untidy and poorly used.  Joe Kent approached the councillors about a scheme, and designed it, to tidy it up and make some of it into soft landscaping. The Church agreed and the councillors helped fund the project along with Watford Council.
Tom Kirk, pastor Beechen Grove Baptist Church wrote: I want to express our most sincere "Thank you" for all the work done on the garden space which faces Estcourt Road and Beechen Grove. The gardens look most promising, and we will seek to keep it watered and clean so as to give pleasure to the many who pass by this garden. A most sincere thank you for this concern for beauty and a healthy pride in our town. We will seek to contribute to it as well.
Borough Councillor Rabi Martins said "We are grateful to Joe's ideas. The area at the rear of the Baptist Church was tarmaced over and used for parking of cars  but had no soft green landscaping, making it a harsh area so now we have started to green this, whilst still allowing for some parking and are working on other projects in the area to also help "green" central Watford.

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