Newspapers from across the political divide are united in their belief Liberal Democrats have been a force for good in government.

In their editorials, national titles recognise the Liberal Democrats achievements in government and the stability the party has brought to the country in the last five years.

The Independent: Many of the Government’s achievements are owed to the Liberal Democrats. The party has been a force for progress. The Coalition deserves another chance. We hope it is much less conservative, and much more liberal.

The FT: The country would benefit from Liberal Democrat moderation in Westminster in seats where the Lib Dems are challenging. We would vote tactically for them.

The Guardian: The next Commons would be enhanced by the presence of Lib Dem MPs. Vote for the Liberal Democrats in Tory-facing seats.

Sunday Times: Nick Clegg and his Lib Dem colleagues deserve to stay. Tory supporters in a Labour-Lib Dem marginal may wish to vote for the Lib Dem candidate.

The Sun: Where only the Lib Dems can beat Labour, give the Lib Dems your vote this time.

The Economist: The best hope for Britain is with a continuation of the Coalition.

The People: Lib Dems tempered Tory excess and delivered the last government’s greatest success with a tax-free allowance worth £800.

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