No to No deal! Open Letter to Watford's MP

People and the economy have been hit hard and this Government promised a good deal on Brexit. We should not risk making the impact of COVID worse by committing a No deal Brexit. Trade agreements must be in place!


Open Letter to Dean Russell MP,

In the General election the British public and British businesses were offered an 'oven-ready Brexit' by yourself and your party but we are seeing something very different unfold. The promises were of an easy transition period, a good deal and that Brexit would protect the integrity of our United Kingdom. Since that General Election a lot has changed and those promises have not been met, with negotiations stalling and the new of Northern Ireland likely being seperated from the rest of the UK in terms of economic borders. There is also a real prospect of us leaving without any deal from this transition period and our local businesses, who have suffered enough due to COVID-19, being plunged into yet more uncertainty and difficulty. 

Of course, separate to the promises of a General Election, the global pandemic of Coronavirus has changed everything. The economic hardships of COVID are staggering, not only for families but for businesses. We believe that the focus should be on recovery from one the biggest challenges our nation has ever faced. We urge you, as our MP, to do all you can to fight a No Deal Brexit and protect local businesses and constituents. 

We write to you especially concerned as Watford is, as we hope you know, one the areas predicted to be most affected economically by Brexit and is home to many European nationals and pan European businesses. The predicted impact of Brexit is detailed in many studies, some of which are referred to below; No Deal is not fit for Watford, or for the wider United Kingdom. We urge you, as our MP, to not compound the economic impact of Coronavirus with an ill planned, unwanted, no-deal and to guarantee to oppose and to vote against it on our behalf and in favour of an extension if negotiations fail to secure a comprehensive agreement with the EU. 

Yours sincerely,

Cllr Ian Stotesbury

Some of the studies that indicate Watford to be highly at risk of negative Brexit impacts:
Local /National Impact studies

1. University of Sussex, UK Trade Policy Observatory:
Watford is identified as being impacted due to its proximity to London:
“… constituencies with the largest shocks on a residence basis (i.e. the largest number of potential job losses among residents), Watford comes top of the list – with some 2,650 residents losing their jobs as a result of a ‘no deal’ Brexit (see Table 2).  All of the constituencies with the largest losses among residents are located either within or close to London. They all show significant job losses among workers who work outside the constituency, reflecting their dormitory/commuter roles.”
2. LSE, Centre for Economic Performance:
Watford is identified as the fourth worst affected local authority area in the UK:
“…all the most negatively affected Local Authorities are in the South of England.  Most of these areas have high employment shares in Business Activities or Financial Intermediation (or both) and so are particularly badly hit by the large negative effects predicted for those sectors under hard Brexit.”

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