Object to new motorway service stations

Plans are being made to build motorway service stations near junctions 17 and 20 of the M25. 
The service stations would include all the usual services, including a hotel and up to 1000 parking spaces each.
Local Lib Dem councillors have spoken out against the plans, which would use Green Belt land. 
Cllr Phil Williams said, “Following on from proposals for a service station at Junction 20, this is a further threat to Green Belt land, which would lead to an increase in traffic on local roads around the junctions. 
“Three Rivers’ residents do not need either of these proposed service stations, which would lead not only to greater congestion, but also to higher levels of noise, light and air pollution in the area”. 
If you object to the motorway service stations being built, please sign the petition below. 

We the undersigned object to the building of new service stations on Green Belt Land near junctions 17 and 20 of the M25.

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