The election and the future

The result of the General Election were devastatingly bad for the Liberal Democrats nationally. Here in Watford our hopes were not realised despite very positive canvassing showing that we were a clear second.

It does seem that in the last 24 hours, and indeed on polling day, many people chose to switch their votes to who they perceived as the least bad alternative for Prime Minister.

Having said that, I am delighted to have received over 10,000 votes, and an immense amount of help and support from many people both here in the Watford constituency and throughout the country.

It was disappointing to lose excellent councillors on the back of the national turnout where people were backing the party and not the individual and our local record of action. However, we retained control of Watford Borough Council, and we are still the largest party on Three Rivers Council.

I continue to proudly be the elected Mayor of Watford, and I was delighted that my Lib Dem colleague Dave Hodgson got re-elected as Mayor of Bedford. We will continue to campaign on the issues that matter to you. Indeed, next week my colleagues at county will be fighting the Tory proposals to implement £1.5million of bus cuts and will be demanding that the county reconsiders the traffic lights situation at the Dome roundabout.

Thank you once again to those who supported us on Thursday.

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