Lib Dems urge support for lifeline bus service

Liberal Democrat Councillors have urged Herts County Council to support a vital bus service which serves Abbots Langley, Garston and Nascot.

Cllr Tim Williams (Stanborough) and Cllr Mark Watkin (Nascot) have written to Herts County Council's transport chief asking for support for a vital bus service which is facing withdrawal.



Tim and Mark have written to Herts County Council’s transport chief Cllr Derrick Ashley after Mullaney’s Buses notified their intention to withdraw the R8 service which serves Abbots Langley, Garston, and Nascot.

Losing the service would deprive two estates in Garston – Leavesden Green and Kingswood – of their only bus service. It would also affect residential homes for the elderly in Nascot Village. 


Tim said:-

“The Kingswood and Leavesden green estates are home to many elderly people as well as residents on low incomes who don’t have their own car. Both of these estates face losing their only bus service if the R8 is withdrawn. This would be a terrible blow to so many people who rely on the bus to access vital services, go shopping and visit friends and family.

“I think there’s a good case for the County Council to make all or part of this route a socially necessary bus service, to allow residents without a car to maintain their independence.”


Residents on the Kingswood and Leavesden Green estates face a lengthy walk to St Albans Road or Haines Way to catch a bus on alternative routes.

Tim and his colleagues Cllr Keith Crout and Cllr Derek Scudder hope enough local people will back a petition to make the County Council see the importance of retaining a bus route serving the Kingswood and Leavesden Green.


Tim added:-

“This is a commercial route and unfortunately bus companies can withdraw services if they are no longer profitable. However for residents who rely on them, buses are a lifeline. County Councils have the ability to provide financial support to socially necessary bus services in order to keep buses running – I think this route has a good case to be deemed socially necessary.” 


You can sign Tim's petition here at

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