Resurface St Albans Road

We are calling for Hertfordshire County Council to reconsider its decision not to resurface St Albans Road in 2021/22. 

Lib Dem Watford Borough Council spent £400,000 on improvements to the pavements, with planting and seats etc, thanks to Ian and Dawn, councillors for Callowland ward. We need the Tory run county council to step up and do the road surface. The Lib Dems asked how much it would cost to resurface the road and we were told £265,000, subject to surveys.

We believe the county council needs to find that money now (it has over £65m in its roads maintenance budget) and resurface this section. This would help support the local centre by bringing it all up to the right standard. It would also make it safer for cyclists who have to avoid all the potholes.

If you agree please sign the petition below or online. We need to send the county council a clear message to get this road surfaced- will you help us?

We the undersigned call on Herts County Council to find the £265,000 to resurface St Albans Road from Balmoral Road to Leavesden Road and to undertake this work as soon as possible.

Resurfacing this section of road will aid with economy recovery of this local shopping centre post COVID-19 and will complement the enhancements carried out by Watford Borough Council so should be a priority.

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