Tax Credit Changes

A post from Dorothy:

You will probably have seen news coverage about what's going on in Parliament regarding Tax Credit changes. It's a hugely important issue that will see the Conservatives cut £4.4billion in Tax Credits – most of it from working families.

It was controversial when it went through the House of Commons, and now the Lords have defeated the government with regard to the cuts. Lib Dems, Labour, Crossbenchers and Bishops have all raised their concerns about hammering working families like this. And it’s no wonder when 5 million children in the UK would be forced to live in poorer households, reducing their life chances and making it harder for their parents to make ends meet.
In Watford alone it will cost 6,900 families over £5million. Most of that money (£4.8million) goes to help support working families. I don't mean to bore you with figures, but it helps to show the sheer scale of the cuts. 8,400 Watford children live in homes that will be affected.
These are not wealthy families. A lot of the people affected will have seen their wages fall in real terms since the credit crunch. Meanwhile the cost of living, especially rent and house prices, keeps rising. Losing £1,000 a year in working Tax Credit will make life just that little bit more difficult. I understand that the UK's finances are tight, but the Chancellor has found the cash to cut Inheritance Tax for millionaires, and slash Corporation Tax.
I can only think that the Conservatives don’t understand what effect these changes are going to have in Watford. We’re a booming town, and we’re working hard – unemployment is incredibly low here. I just don’t get why the Tories won’t give that little bit of help to ordinary working people who are doing their bit to make our country a success. The British people certainly weren’t told about it before the General Election.
So I’m proud that Lib Dems are leading the campaign to make the Government rethink these flawed moves to cut vital support for millions of working families.
The Prime Minister has said that Lib Dems and Labour peers have overstepped their constitutional right by challenging the cuts. I think it's their duty.

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