Vicarage 2022


Name: Dan Thurlow

Contact information: [email protected]


Relevant experience:

I’ve worked in housing management since 2004. Over this time I’ve worked on large and small scale regeneration projects, new builds, dealt with anti-social behaviour from noise to closing down crack houses and disrupting gang activity.  My professional work involves building communities and helping people to love where they live. I can bring al of these skills into being a councillor and helping imporve the area I live in.


Why are you a Lib Dem?

Fairness is really important to me. Having had times in my childhood of living in food and fuel poverty, yet never having realised it when I was a child because of the sacrifices my parents made to shield my sister and I from this. I want to help create a world where such unnecessary suffering doesn’t exist anymore.


Why do you want to be a councillor?

West Watford has been badly neglected by the Labour Councillors. They take being elected for granted. You can see this when they only make contact at election time, whereas the Lib Dems are campaigning year round. When planning proposals for a housing development came forward on my road, we were so badly represented by these councillors, I felt I had to step forward to make sure we are properly represented in future issues. We are really lucky to have a great community, I want to build on that so there are no barriers for my family, friends and neighbours to love where we live.


Why do you like living in Watford?

It’s got to be how great my neighbours are. We moved here for the transport links and how easy it is to get into town, but the brilliant community is why we will stay. Watford has so much to offer, it’s full of culture, has great schools and is generally a safe area.


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