Diversity & Inclusivity Officer - Kennedy Rodrigues

What's the role?

The Diversity & Inclusivity Officer needs to be someone in the local party that has a passion for people and is supposed to bring in diversity to the party with the aim of making the local party more relatable to the community. It needs someone who can reach out to different groups within the community, and who is happy to go to many events to meet new and different people.

This is a very fun role as you get to learn about your local community and the many different groups that give it its diversity. You will be educated about these groups, but also prepared to learn about their concerns, so that you can help the exec group take them into consideration when discussing and deciding the local manifesto or different policies.

This role can also be a great help to your local party’s fundraising and campaigning activities, as well as your Membership Officer when it comes to organising events. Be open and diverse in your thoughts, and never make an assumption about any of the groups in your community.

Key tasks:

  • Make a list of the groups in your community, including all of the charities in your area.
  • Make contact with all of these groups, and arrange to go to their events and meet their management team.
  • Help these local groups organise their events, and volunteer to help staff them.
  • Set up a diversity calendar, containing important cultural events and dates.
  • Make a social media message plan, to make sure you are putting the right messages out on the right days.
  • Share details of diversity events in your area on your social media pages.
  • Invite these groups to attend your local party events, so that they can educate your members.


Diversity & Inclusivity Officer - Kennedy Rodrigues