Forestry Work in Whippendell Woods

2 Mar 2023

Annual forestry works are taking place this week in Whippendell Woods. The work includes tree thinning in the area highlighted in yellow on the right-hand side of the map. The contractors will also do some path widening from the Rousebarn Lane car park to the corner of the wood by Jacotts Nursery end, shown in yellow on left-hand side of the map.

This work is being carried as part of a five year woodland management programme to promote biodiversity. Thinning the trees allows light to reach the woodland floor which promotes the growth of woodland wildflowers and regeneration of trees. This mosaic of habitats supports a wider range of insects, birds and mammals than a closed canopy woodland where the ground is bare. The work to widen the paths also provides light to promote the growth of ground flora on the path edges, encouraging more butterflies and birds.

The contractors have only a week so may have to return in September, following the bird nesting season to complete the work. Timber will be stacked on site and moved to an area near the Grove Mill Lane car park later in the year when the paths are drier and less damage can be caused. The timber will then be sold.