Hard work at Lib Dem Council secures over £400k of investment into Woodside Leisure centre

29 Mar 2024
£403,900 to improve Woodside Leisure Centre’s power systems

The Liberal Democrat run Watford Council has secured £403,900 to improve Woodside Leisure Centre’s power systems. Like the solar panels on the new Town hall, this investment will save Woodside thousands every year.

Directly because of the work done by Watford Council there was a successful bid for the funding from the UK Swimming Pool Support Fund. The money will be put towards installing solar panels, which will help reduce energy consumption at the leisure centre.

The efforts of the Lib Dem run council have been focused on addressing the climate crisis, they seek to make Watford carbon neutral by 2030. The panels are expected to contribute to significant savings, an estimated £31,106 annually.

The successful bid to get £403,900 for Woodside Leisure Centre means lower bills and greener operations, helping our town reach the Watford Council’s carbon-neutral target by 2030. Residents will also have access to even greater facilities at affordable prices, not having to put them up because of extra running costs.

Peter Taylor, elected Mayor of Watford said:

“This is really good news, we have made investing in our leisure centres and caring for the environment a priority.

“The team at Watford council worked hard to secure this funding. The new solar panels will reduce the energy bills for Woodside leisure centre and reduce the carbon emissions of the building too.”

The hard work done to secure these funds is often silent work done by the Mayor of Watford and Officers at Watford Council. The £403,900 investment into Woodside is just one example of what is regularly achieved here in Watford.