Watford Solar Panel Success

19 May 2023

Lib Dem run Watford Council collaborated with Solar Together, a renewable energy company, to launch this initiative last year. Their aim was to help residents switch to solar energy and reduce their impact on the environment. The programme offered discounted rates on solar panels by bringing interested residents together and then buying in bulk.

Lib Dem Elected Mayor Peter Taylor said:

“We have set ourselves a target of being net carbon zero by 2030. To achieve this, we need to work with residents and businesses and support them to go green.

"Our partnership with Solar Together has made a huge difference, not only to individual households who will benefit from cheaper bills, but to our collective aim to fight climate change.”

Since the launch, over 100 households have embraced solar energy in Watford. These solar panels are expected to save residents a combined total of £50,000 per year on energy bills. Over a 20-year span, they will also prevent approximately 4,867,200 kg of CO2 emissions.