An interesting letter in the Watford Observer

Richard Harrington not a Watford man - an interesting letter in the Watford Observer Friday 24 April 2015

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Telegraph tactical voting guide says vote Dorothy to keep conservatives out

Plug your postcode into the Telegraph's tactical voting guide to see how you should vote if you want to keep the conservatives out in your constituency. Here it's vote for Dorothy!  


Premier League Promotion party for Watford FC fans


After being contacted by hundreds of people, Dorothy Thornhill has organised a promotion party for the Golden Boys:

Dorothy Demands Action over Dome Disaster 

key_dome_disaster.jpgWatford's Mayor and Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate has demanded that the County Council take immediate action to  stop chaos caused by traffic delays at the Dome roundabout in North Watford after the Council installed new traffic lights. 


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More Gove gimmicks or a Lib Dem education minister?

key_dorothy_thornhill_school_children.jpgBefore being elected as Watford's Mayor I spent 25 years teaching in local classrooms. My son now teaches in a primary school and I know how important a good education is for every child. As Watford's MP, education would be one of my top priorities. 

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Political pundit puts Labour 3rd place in Watford

Political pundit, Mike Smithson, editor of UK's most read political blog says "The polling and the betting makes Labour the outsiders in Watford"

Did you see Nick Clegg on the Last Leg?

If you haven't watched Nick's second appearance on The Last Leg, do, because he was great. On Twitter, people were saying that it was "refreshing to have a politician who can make fun of himself and be up for a laugh" and that "Nick Clegg [has] done more for the country than I ever realised".

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Dorothy leading the way


It’s a sign of the times that Dorothy Thornhill and her campaign team are leading the way. More and more of these are springing up across the Watford Constituency. 


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Business heavyweight Roger Gagan backs Dorothy

key_dorothy_thornhill_roger_gagan.JPGRoger Gagan, former Chief Executive of the Watford Chamber of Commerce for 13 years, is backing Dorothy Thornhill to be Watford’s next MP.

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Dorothy's campaign films a big success

Dorothy Thornhill's campaign films have proved a hit with over 10,000 viewing them so far.

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