Message from Dorothy: Delivering an economically active Watford

I am delighted by the latest figures released by the Office of National Statistics, which show that more local people have secured jobs this month. There are now almost 550 more people in work than at this time last year.

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Hustings dates announced

Come and hear Dorothy at local hustings for the Watford constituency:

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Liberal Democrats set out plan to build 300,000 new homes

Liberal Democrats have announced plans to build 300,000 more homes a year and ensure everyone has a decent place to live.


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2015 manifesto

This morning Nick unveiled our 2015 General Election Manifesto. Not only does this set out the Liberal Democrats’ priorities for the next five years of Government, it is also a statement of our values as a party and the sort of society we’re all campaigning to create.

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Rail fares to increase no faster than inflation

In Government the Tories repeatedly argued for raising rail fares by well above inflation.

Lib Dems had to fight to keep rises to a minimum.

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Watford is one to watch and could be a Lib Dem gain - reports The Times

It’s no accident that one of the first things that Nick Clegg did was to point the Lib Dem battle bus towards Watford. This Hertfordshire seat, just northwest of London but not just a commuter town, could be that rarest of things in this election: a genuine Liberal Democrat gain.

It’s a three-way marginal, held by a jovial Tory, Richard Harrington, who stole it from Labour.

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Important notice: The Tories unfunded "commitment" for NHS

You may have seen overnight that the Conservatives have claimed to have "matched" our £8bn spending commitment on the NHS.

Let me be clear. This commitment from the Tories is completely unfunded, so it is no commitment at all.

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Plans launched for £2.5bn Care Closer to Home fund

Lib Dems have launched plans for a £2.5bn "Care Closer to Home" fund. It's designed to help people stay healthier for longer and avoid hospital admissions by investing in care for people in their own homes, GP surgeries, care homes and community clinics.

This £500 million a year plan will put into reality the vision of NHS Chief Executive Simon Stevens which he outlined in his Five Year Forward View for the NHS.

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Message from Dorothy: We've delivered more money in your pay packet

Many of you may notice a difference in your payslip this month. That's because on Monday 6 April the personal tax allowance was increased to £10,600. This means that during this Parliament the Liberal Democrats will have delivered a tax cut worth £825 for most workers in Watford and Three Rivers.

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What The Hell Have The Lib Dems Done?

So what exactly have the Lib Dems achieved during this parliament? A fun, quick interactive site which will show you that a very large number of policies from our 2010 manifesto did get implemented over the last 5 years.

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