Deputy Mayor Cllr Peter Taylor backs free school meals

Liberal Democrat Mayoral Candidate Cllr Peter Taylor has called for children to remain receiving free school means so that they can “achieve their potential”.

Families on Universal Credit - a single monthly payment for people out of work or on low income – can currently claim a free lunch.

However, last week the House of Commons voted to reduce eligibility for children in Year Three and above if their parents earn more than £7,400 from April 1.

Cllr Peter Taylor, who is also the Liberal Democrat Candidate in the mayoral elections, believes this will “penalise” hardworking parents.

Peter said, 'As a former teacher, and a parent to three young children, I am particularly proud of the work that Liberal Democrats did in the coalition to introduce free school meals for infants. All the evidence suggests that children learn better if they have a healthy lunch.

"We must make sure that work always pays. Cutting free school meals once a parents is earning over a certain threshold will penalise parents who are working hard to provide for their children.

“That's why I back the Liberal Democrat policy of providing free school meals to all children in primary education. That way, no child will miss out on a healthy lunch. I want every child to achieve their potential. There is no doubt that providing free lunches for all primary school children would help with this.'

Liberal Democrat Mayoral Candidate Peter Taylor pledges to keep council tax down


Cllr Peter Taylor, Liberal Democrat Mayoral Candidate, has pledged to keep council tax down if he was elected the next Mayor of Watford.

Liberal Democrat Mayoral Candidate Peter Taylor said, ‘It’s no secret that every council in the country is having their budget slashed by the Conservative government at the moment and Watford is no exception to that.

‘However, thanks to our careful planning over a number of years, I am delighted that I can pledge that any future rises in council tax will be below inflation. That means that we can provide good parks, clean streets and free events across the town and make sure that residents get good value for money. We must avoid the painful cuts we are seeing in other parts of the country. A Liberal Democrat run council will prioritise providing excellent services for everyone and keeping council tax under control.'

Dorothy Thornhill, Liberal Democrat Elected Mayor of Watford said, ‘When I was elected Mayor sixteen years ago, I inherited a Labour run council that was in such a bad financial state that council tax was sky high and the accounts was so poor that they hadn’t been signed off for years. I’ve worked my socks off to get to the council to the position where we’re in now where we’ve kept council tax low and delivered great services.

‘What’s worrying is that we now have a Labour candidate who was in a senior position in that failing council. He’s already making pledges about bringing services in house that could cost the council tens of millions without saying where the money would come from. Only the Lib Dems have proved that year after year they will keep council tax rises low and manage your money well.'

Green Parliamentary candidate defects to the Liberal Democrats

The Green Party's 2017 Parliamentary candidate for Watford has joined the Liberal Democrats.


In a boost to the Liberal Democrats in advance of the local and mayoral
elections in May, Alex Murray has been welcomed by Liberal Democrat Deputy
Leader, Jo Swinson MP, when she visited Watford to support Peter
Taylor's mayoral campaign.

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Liberal Democrat Mayoral Candidate Peter Taylor announces new ‘Transport App’ for Watford

Liberal Democrat Mayoral Candidate and current Deputy Mayor Cllr Peter Taylor has pledged to introduce a ‘Transport App’ for the town if he was to be elected Mayor in the upcoming elections in May.


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Liberal Democrats accuse local Labour councillors of ‘breathtaking hypocrisy’ over youth facilities vote



Watford Liberal Democrats have slammed local Labour councillors after they voted against plans for new youth sports facilities in Oxhey Park at last night’s Development Management Control meeting.

The plans in Oxhey Park, which were given the green light at the meeting through votes from Liberal Democrat councillors, involved the building of a new sports facilities for young people as well as a new ‘Community Hub’ complete with a café. The petition shown in the meeting against the scheme was presented by a senior Labour activist.

Cllr Stephen Johnson, portfolio holder for Property and Development and Liberal Democrat member of the Development Management Committee said, ‘It simply beggars belief that, just a day after criticising the council for not providing youth facilities, that the same Labour councillors vote against a scheme that aims to do just that.

‘I think many Labour supporters in Watford would be a shocked as I am to find out that their elected members had voted in a way completely contrary to progressive Labour party policy. It simply isn’t right to say one thing in leaflets and in meetings but to vote in another way when it comes to the crunch. Labour in Watford seem to want to look both ways when it comes to issues like affordable housing and youth facilities in our town and it is just breath-takingly hypocritical.’

‘I’m proud that Liberal Democrats have supported two schemes that will massively benefit everyone in Watford, whether that be giving young people fantastic new sports facilities or by providing homes that are much more affordable for struggling local residents. The Liberal Democrats are keeping the town on the up

Watford Labour’s actions when it comes to this speaks much more loudly than their words’

'It's not the end of the line for MLX'- Liberal Democrat Mayor Dorothy Thornhill comments on Met Line Annoucement

'Conservatives heartless to ignore facts,’ say Lib Dems over decision to close Cuffley Camp outdoor centre

Liberal Democrat run Watford Borough Council 'high performing and progressive'

Liberal Democrats slam heartless Herts Valleys CCG as it pulls the plug on Nascot Lawn

Yesterday the Herts Valleys CCG made the appalling announcement that they had confirmed their previous decision to withdraw their £600,000 annual support for Nascot Lawn children’s respite care home. 

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Councillors get out their paint brushes

Tudor ward councillors were joined by local residents and Deputy Mayor Peter Taylor in undertaking a refresh of the street furniture and planters around Tudor Parade in North Watford.

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